"Maistrali" tsipouro & ouzo tavern

Right on the beach of Agia Anna, a few meters from the hotel Ariadni, you can taste delicacies that smell sea and much more.

"Maistrali" will welcome you from the early noon, ideal choice for appetizers ouzo and meze and remains at your services till late at the evening, offering to you the best view of the moon that reflects in the sea water.

On our tavern you will find the most fresh seafood and fish. With emphasis on quality, we have created a wide list of dishes made from local products (fruit, vegetables, olive oil). The wide choice of shells, clams, shimmery, scallops, mussels, and others, certainly leaves no one unmoved. The grilled octopus is a constant, favorite to our clients choice, that matches with the excellent house wine, or any other wine of your selection. The local tsipouro (raki), made from grapes of our area, is also a wonderful option that will escort fine the dishes of your choice.

The lobster pasta is starring, by impressing in appearance and taste. Those who are not in the mood for fresh seafood (or children), there is always solutions like burgers, chicken fillets, steaks etc.